How to become a “Drops of Fun” member?
Upon successful registration via Watsons Water "Drops of Fun" Rewards Mobile App or website, you will become a Tier-1 Member.
Each valid mobile number, Facebook account and/or Wechat account (applicable when the membership profile is linked to your Facebook account and/or Wechat account) can only be eligible for registering a membership account once.
Please visit "Drops of Fun" Rewards Mobile App and click “Forgot Password”. Please enter your registered mobile and SMS verification code will be sent to your mobile. Please enter the code to reset your password.
Members can view the latest membership tier and updates of Reward Points and Green Points under "Profile".
Please click here for details.

(i) Members can browse for gifts, the required Reward Points or Green Points under "Gifts" in the App or the Program’s website. Reward Point(s) or Green Point(s) redeemed will be deducted automatically by system after the redemption is confirmed. Gifts under the category “Green Reward” can only be redeemed by Green Points. Other gifts can only be redeemed by Reward Points unless otherwise specified.

(ii) Redeemed gift(s) can be viewed in "My Gift". Members can check the redemption details and expiry date for each Gift. For instant reward redeemed via Green Point Smart Water Bottle Reverse Vending Machine, please follow the instruction on screen to pick up the reward

(iii) All gifts must be redeemed by the expiry date.

(iv) Any expired Reward Points and Green Points will be automatically forfeited.

(v) For certain gifts Members can only redeem within Hong Kong.

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The Reward Points and Green Points are valid from the earning date until the end of the next calendar year end. For example, Reward Points and Green Points earned on 1 February 2019 will expire on 31 December 2020. Any unused Reward Points and Green Points will be cleared thereafter.
For members who registered before 19 December 2018, only birthday month is required during registration. The year will be defaulted as 1900 and the date will be 1st. If members have not provided birthday information during registration, the birthday will be default as 1 January 1900 or 31 December 1900.

The point bar shown in Home Page indicates Annual Accumulated Total Points of a member, which will become zero on 1 January every year. Members are required to accumulate sufficient Reward Points and Green Points to renew your respective membership by the end of December in each calendar year. Otherwise, you will be reclassified to the relevant membership tier by our system. For example, if a Tier-3 Member’s account has only accumulated 300 Reward Points in 2019, this Member will become a Tier-1 Member starting from 1 January 2020.